My Lomi Story… so far

Aloha and welcome to Essence Healing.

My love and passion of Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage has been an amazing adventure that now brings me to today bringing you this gorgeous style of Massage.

I am filled with honour, gratitude and love to be able to share this with the world.

WHAT IS LOMI LOMI : This is an ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lymphatic Drainage Massage method and system of massage which has its roots in a tradition hundreds of years old. From easing aches and pains, to full body relaxation, your body, mind and spirit will enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian Healing Energies that flow from this lineage based tradition in it’s most basic and unpolluted way. I am honoured that I get to share this ancient healing tradition that is as healing and heart opening for both the receiver and the therapist.

Completing my training in Hawaii on The Big Island was one of the most magical adventures that I will treasure forever. The journey for me to become a Lomi Massage Therapist has changed my life as I have a new found passion encompassing the principles of Lomi Lomi :- using my heart and love in everything I do, think, feel and in my daily intentions for life.

I look forward to sharing Lomi with you as you become part of the Essence Healing Ohana (Family).

[Picture : Left: My amazing Kahuna (Lomi Teacher & Lineage holder) and Right: Myself in Hawaii] Oct 2017

See you soon,

Aloha, Love,